Intermodality model for the development of the Adriatic littoral zone

Program: IPA CBC ADRIATIC 2007-2013 

Lead beneficiary: Conerobus,  Public Company for Inter-Municipal Mobility, Italy

Duration: 10/2012 – 09/2015 

Budget: € 2.000.000,01 (DUNEA budget € 200.000,00)

Transport, on international, national, and especially on regional level of the geographically disperse Dubrovnik Neretva County territory, has the role of one of the main development generators. Having in mind the additional effects of transport such as: CO2 and noise emission, development and connecting under-developed County areas, a lack of parking spots, traffic jams in urban areas, etc. , it is of key essence to have a planning approach to such a vulnerable development issue. Besides the processes of strategic-development and spatial-planning, accent must be provided to connecting the key transport stakeholders (providers of transport service and infrastructure) as well as the final beneficiaries such as the local population and the tourists.

Creating an international network to promote the development of sustainable transport policies, plans and to use intermodal transport as a resource to promote tourism in the Adriatic littoral zone is the main project objective. A important accent was put on field data gathering in the project area, hence, 24 local project studies were provided (8 per partner) and 3 project studies (on partnership level) and finalised in cooperation with DUNEA support (University of Dubrovnik) on the themes: indicators for an efficient transport system 2)needs of urban mobility &touristic flows 3)best practices of intermodality. The largest portion of input for all studies were gathered through the developed and collected 12.000 questionairee's (1.500 questionairee's collected per partner). The studies and questionairee's were uploaded to the project database that is connected to the project website.

The project formed the „Local mobility board for the Dubrovnik Neretva County“, whose members are the representatives of all relevant organisations and stakeholders from the County which operate in the transport and tourism sector. Several rounds of meetings and workshops were held and open to the public which is very important having in mind that these final beneficiary groups (tourists and local population) are not usually integrated  in planning processes of transport development. The final result of the „Board“ is the design of the „Local strategic plan“ for intermodal transport for the County  which is a quality input and background for shared ideas in order to re-shape Mobility & Restructuring Plans for local public transport service and in defining strategies to advertise in the Adriatic area the intermodal touristic paths offered by each of the locations involved

The project initiated the event „Move it“ paralell with the European mobility week which has the goal to promote the project and raise the awareness of local population regarding „greener mobility solutions“ such as: walking, bicycling, utilisation of public transport. In our County so far two such events were organised: „Move it: Explore Konavle“ and „Move it – Ston wall marathon“.


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Through the County Development Agency over the past three and a half years a number of projects have been realized or initiated for which more than 7 million Euros have been provided by the EU

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